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Create high-end brand quality in the electromechanical maintenance industry, win market integrity and build brand

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4 advantages, one-stop supply of industrial testing equipment to help you work more efficiently


Motor repair meets different needs at the same time

Successfully serve thousands of companies

Become a supplier to the electromechanical maintenance industry;

For new or long-term deactivated motors, check the insulation resistance between windings and windings to ground before use;

Generally, 500V insulation resistance meter for 500V or less; 1000V insulation resistance meter for 500-1000V; 2500V insulation resistance meter for 1000V or more;


High quality repair guarantee

7*24 hours of after-sales service

Check that the transmission is working reliably

Check ventilation and bearing lubrication is normal


Common fault analysis

Give you a fast and effective solution

The motor does not start after being energized, and the motor speed is slow and weak.

The motor casing is energized, and the temperature rise is intensified when the motor is running.

The motor runs loudly and the fuselage is overheated.


Professional service use assured

Win value with quality, win customers with service

For many domestic and foreign brands equipped with technical engineers, perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales professional service system;

Provide information consultation services; free visits to maintenance workshops, sample preparations and new technology exchange meetings and lectures;

The system introduces the maintenance skills and recommends the most suitable solution for the user;

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Inverter maintenance theory knowledge

Inverter maintenance theory knowledge

Many friends who learn the inverter repair technology, after learning the theoretical knowledge of inverter maintenance, because they do not know how to use the theoretical knowledge they have learned, many actual seemingly simple faults are not known in the actual maintenance work. How to check, even if you check

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Common fault diagnosis and repair of pumps

Common fault diagnosis and repair of pumps

The basic concept of a water pump is a machine that delivers or pressurizes a liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid, mainly for transporting liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal.

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Tianjin Huatong Electromechanical Maintenance Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Huatong Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. - Large Electric Motor Repair Factory (hereinafter referred to as Huatong Electromechanical) is located in TEDA Industrial Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, 20 km east of Tianjin Xingang, Economic and Technological Development Zone and 13.5 km west of the city. North Linhai, Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Jinbin Expressway, Jintang Highway, Jinbei Highway, Jinhan Highway, Yangbei Highway, Jingshan Railway, Jinqin Passenger Dedicated Line. Huatong Electromechanical has advanced motor repair, processing, testing and experimental equipment. It has a strict management system and a comprehensive after-sales service system. The company also has a group of engineers and professional technicians who have been engaged in motor diagnosis and maintenance for many years. It is repair, maintenance, domestic and foreign high-voltage motors, AC and DC motors, explosion-proof motors, large-scale pump generator refrigeration equipment, inverters, soft start high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution repair, maintenance and so on. Another: company...

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水泵检测设备 Motor Test Equipment Pump Testing Equipment

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Common methods for inverter repair and inspection

[Article introduction:] In the daily maintenance process of the inverter, various problems are often encountered, such as peripheral line problems, poor parameter setting or mechanical failure. If the inverter is faulty, how to determine which part of the problem is involved, here is a brief introduction. First, static test 1, test

Simple tester for inverter repair

[Article reading:] Inverter repair can use a single-phase 220 to 380 autotransformer (about 200VA) or a two-voltage circuit with a single-phase 220 autotransformer can be used, driving the no-load inverter is fine, There are individual brands of inverters (Hitachi, Danfoss, Schneider) have input shortages

Inverter maintenance process

[Article introduction:] We often hear overvoltage faults in inverter maintenance, but undervoltage faults are also common problems encountered in inverters. The reason is that the main circuit voltage is lower than the lower limit, the protection action or the rectifier bridge is damaged or the grid is instantaneously powered off, and the input is not equal.

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